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January 10, 2010

Innovative Games for Outdoor Camping

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Camping is one of the greatest things to do in the summer months. When children think of summer, they think of camping. This is because they are able to engage in various games outdoors. Sometimes they get tired of playing the same games like tag and touch football  all the time. So if you do some research you will come across a number of games that are new and more exciting than the traditional games. Here are some tips to finding games to play while camping.

It’s not all the time that you are immersed in nature. So when such an opportunity arises, try involving nature in the games. A fun and simple way of doing this is to divide the children into groups. Ask them to make something original by using things in nature. Always make sure not to harm (pull out, pick, kill, or injure) any living wildlife or plants. The team with the most original creation wins!

Another interesting game is called ‘Follow the Drummer’. This is a perfect camping game. The game requires a large outdoor area without dangerous obstacles. One of the children beats a drum. The others are blindfolded. The blindfolded ones follow the drum beat to spot the location of the drum. As the blindfolded child nears the drummer, the beat gets softer. Once the drum is spotted the child follows the drummer. The game continues until all children are marching with the drummer.

Will-o’-the Wisp is a flashlight tag game that is perfect for night time in outdoor camping. The game requires minimum 4 children. Two of them hold the flashlight, taking turns. The other two children have to try to find them. The game ends when the ones holding the flashlight are caught. This game would also require an adult to be nearby to make sure the children don’t lose their way in the dark.


The next game is ‘Follow the Arrow’.  This can be played with two groups of children – the markers and the hunters. The markers set out with pieces of chalk and have a destination in mind. They mark arrows on trees, rocks, etc. through a distance of 15-20 feet. in the forest to show the hunters which way they went. If the hunters reach the destination uncaught by the markers, they win the game.


Lastly, ‘Magic Music’ also makes an great game. An object is hidden for the children to find. An adult plays a flute whie the children are searching for it. As a child walks closer to the hidden object the flute is played at a high pitch. But if he moves away, the flute plays lower notes. The child that finds the object gets to hide it for the next game.

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